Summer 2018 Projects

Amazing Stories fanzinesAmazing Stories: Investigating the Coslet-Sapienza Fantasy and Science Fiction Fanzine Collection, Project Leader Donald Snyder, Senior Lecturer, MCS, examined UMBC’s Special Collections’ of science fiction fanzines, exploring themes of identity, community, and consumption, and produced a website for the Special Collections’ homepage that presents an overview of the collection’s contents and value for the general public.

Link to final product:

“Being a part of this pilot program has given me something to be immensely proud of, and something to look back on as an important milestone in my life.”

“I feel that working with others from different disciplines is absolutely required to not only create a better product, but to understand yourself better.”


Race and Social Justice CoLab
Race and Social Justice: Stories of Transformation, Project Leaders Frank Anderson, Program Director, CHOICE and Lee Boot, Director IRC, documented the work of the UMBC Center for Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation (TRHT) and Art of Transformation (AoT) in Baltimore in a digital story about the transformative understanding of race in that work and in their own lives.

Link to final product:
You will need to create a username and password, then select the space called: CoLab – Race and Social Justice

“There’s something special about seeing a project through from beginning to end. Taking an idea all the way from conception to final product was rewarding in ways I hadn’t anticipated.”

“…I learned that the most powerful results come when you give the power to the individual who is sharing their story with you.”


UMBC Carbon Zero: Working Toward a Climate-Neutral Campus, Project Leaders Jasper Lewis, Research Professor, JCET and Kristin Anchor, Lecturer, MCS, investigated the work of the UMBC Sustainability Office and Climate Action Steering Committee to make UMBC climate-neutral and produced videos on as energy and waste reduction, transportation alternatives, climate research and education, and UMBC’s efforts in those areas.

Link to final products:

The interdisciplinary CoLab was an innovative project that drove me to put forth my best self in ways that other projects might not. Through collaboration and story-based research, I feel I have gained invaluable skills that I will take with me throughout my career.”

“This project was ideal for opening my eyes to the ways in which all problems and solutions are interdisciplinary, and has encouraged me to think about my own future work in such a way.”